Welcome to the Survivor Manual

Welcome to the Survivor Manual from Angela Shelton on Vimeo.


This site is the brainchild of me, Angela Shelton, after years of traveling with the documentary Searching for Angela Shelton.

After speaking with thousands of survivors, non-profits, activists, advocates, and partners of survivors I saw three main things survivors are affected by after experiencing trauma:

Mental Issues, Health Issues and Physical Pain and/or Financial Crisis

Not only did I want to heal from my own past of sexual abuse and trauma, I wanted to discover all the healing techniques out there to help with those three main issues.

Survivor Manual was born.

This is a place where survivors who have moved on to thriving can share what worked for them under all aspects of healing – so together we can inspire and empower survivors of any kind of trauma to heal and move on too.

When I discovered how many non profits do not work well together because they are competing for the same funding, same ad space, same spots on TV, radio etc. we set up the Survivor Manual to also be a Non-Competitive place for non-profits, healers, therapists, supporters, artists, authors, and survivors who are thrivers to share:

Healing Resources

Books – Movies – Art

Recovery How-Tos

Pathways Out of Pain

Healing Techniques

Spotlights on Survivors who are Thriving



and Good News!

Please search this site at length. Start with the Blog Posts up top or use the Search Bar to the right or click on any of the links.  There are years worth of content.

If you or your organization would like to become an author on this site, please contact survivors @ angela shelton dot com with Survivor Manual in the subject and you will receive the guidelines.

This site is not a non-profit. It is a non-compete platform to help non-profits and those working in trauma and recovery. Some of the book links are affilate links and the money goes to the annual server costs to keep this site running.

If you would like to donate to a cause to help end child sexual abuse, there is a donation link to the right to give to Darkness to Light. Help those who are helping!

Thank you for healing.

By you healing, you break the cycle for the next generation – and you help all of those around you too!