4 Ways to Find Contentment After Panic Attacks

I’m sharing a guest post under my profile today since so many people have had to deal with panic attacks. Ryan Rivera graciously offered to write a post about it.

4 Ways to Find Contentment After Panic Attacks

The world is filled with problems that can create terror, dread, and fear. That’s why it’s often so disconcerting to realize that the issue causing the most problems with your happiness is, in some ways, self-inflicted.

For years I suffered from debilitating panic attacks – a condition that, despite its prevalence, is still widely misunderstood. Panic attacks are a mental health disorder that causes intense fear. But it’s not the fear that most people imagine when they learn about panic attacks. I didn’t worry about whether or not I was going to ace a test, or fear that someone I cared about would get hurt.

No, this fear mad me honestly and truly believe I was dying. That’s because panic attack symptoms mimic those of a heart attack. They’re caused by an over-sensitivity to your body, and when you experience a bit of anxiety, pain, or even something simple like indigestion, that over-sensitivity cascades into this crippling mess of symptoms that hospitalize thousands of people every year.

Those that suffer from panic attacks often legitimately believe that their days are numbered – that they have some significant health problem that doctors have simply not been able to find – because that’s how severe the symptoms feel. It’s hard for people to believe that their symptoms are entirely mental.

While I eventually cured my panic attacks, the process itself took years. In the interim, I was suffering from panic attacks that were ultimately hurting my quality of life. That’s why I used the following strategies to help me regain some of my happiness even after a panic attack occurred.

Strategies for Happiness

1. Call Your Mother

You don’t really have to call your mother, but you should call someone that improves your mood. In my case it was my mother, because she suffered from panic attacks herself and was always supportive. I did not and do not call my mother enough, but after a panic attack, she would know how to ensure that I was not focusing on how unhappy I was. Chances are you have someone in your life that helps you feel the same way.

2. Don’t Hide It

This was a big one for me. When I had a panic attack, I wouldn’t hide it from my friends. I’d say “woah, I just had a panic attack” and I’d move on. Afterward I always felt embarrassed and frightened. Knowing my friends knew that I had it, cared enough not to run away, and would watch me for a while to make sure I was okay was always a big help.

3. Watch Comedies

Everyone has a smartphone now, and comedies are comedies for a reason. I would watch videos of my favorite comedians and let their comedy cheer me up. Bookmark a few humorous standups on your smartphone and let it boost your mood a bit.

4. Jogging

When I wasn’t in the mood to watch comedies, I found that jogging was a tremendous help. Running has known benefits for improving mood, including the release of endorphins and the ability to burn away stress hormones. It was also a reminder that I was in good health and that my health would be getting better, which was a helpful way to reduce an issue that often causes anxiety. It’s always important to consult your doctor before you do jog regularly to ensure you’re healthy enough to jog, but the effects of jogging were truly profound for me.

Recovering from Panic Attacks

I’m lucky to be in good health, and I’m happy I have the supportive and loving family I have. But when I suffered from panic attacks, there were times that I wondered if I could ever be happy again. Finding my own ways to regain my happiness after my panic attack were important to me, and I believe they helped me recover in the end.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera found that panic attacks were changing his life, and not for the better. That’s why he spent years discovering ways to make his panic attacks more manageable, and make his life more enjoyable in the process.