Good: Grief. On Grief, Remembrances and Moving Forward.


On Grief, Remembrances and Moving Forward.

by Jaye Johnson

What’s grief but a felt sense of loss?

And what’s remembrance but a… re-membering? A sense of “Putting it all back together.”

When we lose or lose touch with people we know, know of, love and respect, the pain can seem so hard to bear. So unspeakable. But speak about it we must.

Unresolved feelings—including mournful ones—find ways and means of expression that surprise us in ways we can’t even comprehend. For health’s sake, for closure’s sake, breathing life into grief so that it can transform, resolve itself, bring about healing, is essential to your well-being.

As each day makes its way into our collective consciousness, I renew my thoughts.

I remind myself of the spiritual truth that nothing is ever lost or hidden in Divine Mind. Memories keep our loved ones alive—this Life is eternal. Paradoxically, these feelings of being separated from others remind us of how we are all interconnected.

Seeing each day, moment, holiday, ritual, shared or sacred time as symbolic, we honor and celebrate all that is lovable with in ourselves.

Each life is precious. Each life lost…still cherished.

You are precious. You are cherished. Your loving thoughts keep those you have lost alive. Precious. Cherished.




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