Peddling Joy (Revisited)

Ever read the same book, watched the same movie (or YouTube video), or listened to the same song over and over again for the purpose of igniting that something inside of you that warms your entire being, not in the sense of unhealthy pining, but rather in that it touches the core of YOU?  It could be an association with a shared cause, which gives you a sense of belonging and purpose.  It could be a color that is the essense of your nature.  I’ve written about creating a space to feel the feeling of the accomplishment in preparation of achieving the goal here.  When we revisit these visual and audio aids we are creating that space.

Whatever you revisit to envoke that feeling of achieving a goal, which may simply be to have more joy in your life, I say revisit it as often as you need.   It has been my experience that fueling that “space” of joy and accomplishment is like nourshing your body of healthy food.  You need frequent small fill ups during the day.

This summer I have suggested, on more than one occasion, that the kids and I go on a bike ride.  There is an amazing trail just blocks from our home.  It always seemed that something has derailed us from our ride.  Finally this last weekend we (actually I) made the commitment to go on the 6-7 mile ride.  The kids were always prepared to drop everything to go.    Off we went.  I handed my daughter the camera.  She’s has such an amazing sense of frame and proportion with the lens.  Literally, as she rode she snapped shots,  over 100 in all.

I’m peddling (pedaling) joy here and recommending you assemble your own personal reminder of what joy means to you.  Revisit it as often as you must.  Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Digital Camera
  • Photo’s (new or existing)
  • “JOY” folder on your computer for collection purposes
  • Free online tool One True Media which is an easy way to make a montage with music

I’m not ashamed to say that I have lost count to how many times I have watched this video montage  of our bike ride.   I hope you’ll make your own and share with us. Your joy fuels my joy.  Let’s be in the business of peddling joy.



  1. I wonder some days if my back could take bike riding if I didn’t over did it too! much. This is great

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