Love, Support and Protection for Male #Survivors

Help for Male Survivors

Today, writer Danielle Paradis shared helpful information–including facts supported by legal precedent–to help to remind you that you are not to blame for what took place, and she also shared a must-see video.

Coercion is Sexual Assault: Erasing Male Rape Victims

by Danielle Paradis

It really surprised me today that an MRA going by the name Angry Harry would present me with a blog post on what they are calling “Violence Against Men Day” with a post that describes a scene with a woman withdrawing consent, but then continuing with the act of sex–and apparently enjoying it.

What surprised me about this post was that he dismissed the way in which a male friend of mine was raped. He dismissed coercion as a rape tactic. Which is incidentally the way in which men are often sexually assaulted. Of course, he did this to dismiss feminists discussion of rape, but the point remains. It’s really offensive to throw male victims under the bus to prove a point. It’s Rape Culture at its finest. ()

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Here’s a big “Mwah” for male survivors out there. Plus a “Squish!” for good measure.

We see you, and we love you.




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  1. Jaye! Thanks for giving a lovely shout-out to male survivors! Muwah!

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