Survivor Manual Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for being a contributor. Below are guidelines.

  1. Article must be original work of your own
  2. Article must be as grammatically correct as possible
  3. Article must not include incorrect or excessive use of using ALL CAPS, hyphens ( — ) or periods (…)
  4. Your article will be reviewed and edited. The Survivor Manual has permission to edit your article for grammar/spelling, inappropriate content, or to improve aesthetic/formatting

You just sign in as you would to a blog and “Add a Post” on the left side.  On the right side at the bottom are a list of categories. On the right side at the bottom are a list of categories. Choose whatever fits your post the most.


You may review books, movies, shows, provide resources around the world, highlight survivor networks, talk about your own organizations and what you’re doing, promote healing and networking events that are taking place, and provide the answers to the many questions that come with surviving sexual and domestic abuse and violence.

Focus on:

  1. Healing-oriented topics
  2. How-to Questions from how do I get out of a panic attack to how do I find a lawyer?
  3. Emphasis on resources available to survivors/loved ones/field workers
  4. Inclusive and unbiased non-judgmental language
  5. Recognition of diversity and related issues (ethnic, racial, gender, GLBTQQ, etc.)
  6. Books, movies, shows and theater pieces that have to do with surviving or that could help someone


  1. No Debating
  2. No Debating News stories
  3. No Sharing details of Survivor stories
  4. No “Victim”-based content
  5. No Political or other biased slants

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Questions to Answer

In addition to providing resources, reviews, networks, events etc here are some of the many questions that have come in about surviving.  Please post and comment about any of them and bring in your own questions that you and/or your organization has heard.

From survivors:

  • How do I get out of a panic attack?
  • When will the pain end?
  • How do I find a lawyer if I do want to prosecute?
  • What if I don’t have any money to heal?
  • What if I don’t have any money for a lawyer?
  • I’m so sick of just surviving, how do I really move on?
  • How do I deal with flashbacks?
  • I keep having nightmares, any way to get rid of them?
  • I have to see my abuser still. Do I have to?
  • What do I do if no one believes me?
  • What do I do if I’m still in the house where the abuse is going on and I’m not eighteen yet?
  • How do I save money to escape if they watches my every move?
  • I have DID, is it possible to heal from it?
  • Can you have a healthy sex life after rape?
  • How do you work on a healthy relationship when you don’t trust?
  • What can I do if my kids are being abused and my husband is friends with the judge and the governor?
  • How do I report abuse?
  • Do I need to report it?
  • How can a survivor be a good parent?
  • I have all of this rage. Do I have to forgive?  I hate that word.
  • What is forgiveness?
  • How can you be so happy after what has happened to you?

From loved ones and supporters:

  • My wife cries during sex because of her abuse, what can I do?
  • I want to kill my girlfriend’s dad for what he did, what do I do?
  • How can I be the best supporter for my friend during her healing?
  • My friend was raped and hasn’t told anyone, what can I do?
  • I know that my neighbor is being molested but there’s no evidence, what can I do?
  • I witnessed this creepy perp being weird around kids, what can I do if there’s no evidence?
  • I work with a lot of kids, how can I recognize abuse is going on?
  • Are there ways to help without reporting it through the system?
  • How can I protect my kids?
  • My best friend is so sad all the time because of her abuse, can I do anything?

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