KaDee Strickland & Gorjana-Griffin’s Hope Necklace Brings Hope to Survivors


With the help from Gorjana-Griffin who designs great jewelry while supporting different charities, KaDee and Gorjana-Griffin have found a great way to help raise money for the largest anti-sexual assault organization in the US known as RAINN. Their collaborated efforts of the 18k plated gold ‘RAINNDrop Necklace, has been designed to create more awareness and raise money to RAINN by their generosity with giving 80% of the ‘Necklace’ proceedings directly to them, so that RAINN can continue to assist survivors to get the right help they need.  So by buying KaDee Strickland and Gorjana-Griffin’s collaborated RAINN Hope necklace, not only are you wearing a pretty necklace, but you are also helping them with raising money, spreading awareness, and giving ‘Hope’ to all survivors who appreciate the support.

“Gorjana-Griffin as a company, believes in partnering with charities to benefit meaningful causes, and has in the past worked with Emerge Global, the John Alexander project, Heart to Heart and Breast Cancer Connections by designing exclusive jewelry styles and donating 60% -100% of their proceeds to the respective charity.” Says Gorjana from March 7, 2011 Press Release.

What KaDee Strickland and Gorjana-Griffin have made together is not only beautiful and amazing, but something very memorable that can be kept for years. Their RAINN Hope Necklace is one of a kind because it has a special uniqueness & purity that connects survivors and supporters together. There are many ways to show support to any chosen charity, but to create something that brings out a beaming smile to a survivor’s face and giving them the courage to come forward, is worth more than dollar bills.

I would wear the RAINN Hope Necklace all the time because it has a special meaning behind it unlike most jewelry does. Knowing that money goes to RAINN for everyone who buys one, is such a great thing and I am so proud of you all. – Megan McFadden

There are thousands of survivors in the world who are still not able to speak up or who are simply not ready to come forward yet, but by having someone as important like KaDee Strickland fighting for them, helps survivors know that they have people that support them and are on their side.

The necklace would be special to me because it reminds of what I’ve been through and how much I’ve grown. That strength lies not in the Experience but in why we do to grow after and live past our fear to see that we can still live. RAINN has given back that hope. – Debbie Jensen

To every person, the word ‘Hope’ means something different to them but one thing that will always stay the same, is how ‘Hope’ brings people together and that is exactly what the RAINN Hope Necklace does. However, for some people, having ‘Hope’ can be difficult but it is the strong encouragement that the inspirational KaDee Strickland gives that helps survivors slowly overcome their fears of being hopeful.

I would really like a RAINN Hope Necklace because it represents Hope to survivors and it reminds me of KaDee and what she has done for RAINN. I know that every time I will wear it, it will give me a smile. – Maria Aprz

I know for a fact it would give me Hope and give me a smile on my face every time I look down at it. RAINN mean the world to me so this necklace would too. – Kristie

There are many reasons why survivors feel like this but for many it is because once they have been victimized, it can be very hard to find their way back to living their normal life they once led. The memories of what happened will always be with them but it is a simple gesture of creating something special like a necklace with the word ‘HOPE” engraved on it that is a reminder when wearing it, that they deserve ‘Hope’ too. Whether it is Hope to move on, to be happy, or to live life to the best they possibly can, knowing that others share the same bond over the RAINN Hope Necklace is a gift in itself.

The RAINN hope necklace is important to me because it stands for so much it brings hope to those that have gone through a traumatic experience and know they can get through it and have hope – Nikita Duffy

What is even greater about having your own RAINN Hope Necklace is that it does not matter where you are from or who you are, because anyone can buy one. It is as simple as pushing a button and that button is helping make RAINN, one more step closer to reaching out to even more survivors with the money you are giving them.

I would like to have a RAINN Hope Necklace so I could show my support & I would also like to spread the word over here in Austria, Europe & I think this would be a lot easier when I have the necklace because everyone would ask where I got it from because it’s so special – Christina Karassowitsch

After learning about what a real survivor has to go through after dealing with such a traumatic experience like rape or sexual abuse, the clever-minded KaDee Strickland makes sure that the RAINN Hope Necklace is made for a cause of celebration. It is a celebration to all the rape and sexual assault victims for being brave, strong, and courageous because surviving an ordeal as horrific as rape or sexual assault is a miracle and they deserve to be applauded.

From KaDee Strickland to all Survivors and Supporters:

“Hi, I am KaDee Strickland from ABC”s Private Practice. On-screen I play the undeniable Charlotte King who is also a survivor of rape. Working on this story-line has been life altering for me. Working with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization has helped me on my path to help understanding the hope, and help that we can give to survivors. And as a result to that, I wanted to celebrate the ‘HOPE” about working with the Gorjana-Griffin’s designer ‘Gorjana Reidel’ on this necklace, the necklace shaped like a RAINNdrop with the word ‘Hope’ engraved on it.” – KaDee Strickland (transcribed off video message about the necklace)

80% of the sales price goes directly to RAINN so you can buy this necklace knowing that your money is directly helping a person taking their steps towards recovery. So please join me, buy the necklace, and feel great about wearing it, because it is pretty darn cute. – KaDee Strickland (transcribed off video message about the necklace)


To buy your very own RAINN Hope Necklace, please go to: www.gorjana-griffin.com/gorjana/hope-tear-drop-necklace-benefiting-rainn.html


If you have been sexually assaulted or/and raped and would like to talk to someone about it, then please ring RAINN on 800 656 HOPE or go on their 24/7 online hotline at anytime: https://ohl.rainn.org/online/


Written by Natasha Hagan