Cycle of Healing

We have been diligently working with our Story Consultant on the story structure and filming these past 5 months. That said, You and Me and the Fruit Trees has come a long way and I’m so very grateful for your support and our team.   You can view our new work in progress here:

You and Me and the Fruit Trees – WIP from Tracey Quezada on Vimeo.

This past year has been filming, story boarding, editing and serving the community by presenting screenings of the work in progress featuring a panel and Q and A discussion. Each screening features people like Generation Five who are working to end CSA within five generations. It has been incredible witnessing so many people disclose, many for the first time. On one occasion an 80 year-old woman disclosed for the first time, during another screening a teenage girl shared her experience and was eager to learn where to go for help, we gave her a list with resources and directed her to Generation five.

You and Me and the Fruit Trees follows Angel, Aquiela and Tony as they untangle the intergenerational forces that tainted their lives.  Aqueila makes the difficult decision to confront her mother and father about the sexual abuse she experienced as a child. After many years of putting her life back together, Angel moves on to mentor and counsel other survivors of abuse. Angel’s story shares the intergenerational cycle of passing it forward, that although we can easily recognize the cycle of sexual abuse- we can also pass on healing.

The film shows 3 people who took something very dark, years of childhood sexual abuse and said,  “you know what, I’m no longer the victim,” they continue on their path towards healing and are going on to help others heal and transform.  There are thousands of people doing the same thing, taking their experience of childhood sexual abuse and creating a truly breath taking life where they help others, build awareness and thrive.

We are now working on filming Angel who facilitates an art therapy program at SAGE (standing against global exploitation), showing her passing it forward. She received healing for herself many years ago and made a promise to herself to help others heal from trauma. Angel has been inspiring others to heal through public speaking, counseling and being an example.

Tracey Quezada
Producer | Director | Filmmaker

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