End CSA NOW! EVENT – Save the Date

Join us in bringing awareness, prevention, and dialogue
to end child sexual abuse.

End Child Sexual Abuse NOW!

Saturday, April 19, 1:30 – 4:30pm
Oakland Asian Cultural Center
388 9th Street, Oakland

As many of you know myself and 8 community members have been working to create an event that emphasizes the importance of community involvement to end child sexual abuse (CSA) and increase visibility of those impacted by it.

Please SAVE THE DATE. This event will include:

  • Discussions about current efforts being made to address CSA;
  • Community forum to bring voice to those impacted by CSA;
  • Special film screening of preliminary footage from You Me and the Fruit Trees;
  • Resources and information sharing;
  • Healing arts activity;
  • Most importantly, we want to bring visibility to this largely shrouded issue by leading a community march to the local city hall as a call to action!

Parts of the event will be filmed for the documentary my team and I are currently producing. It’s a character driven film that follows several survivors of CSA and includes leaders in the movement to end child sexual abuse as well as other community members impacted by CSA. For more information on this documentary please visit: Trailer

We are also thrilled and honored to share that the City of Berkeley unanimously passed our proclamation to recognize “End Child Sexual Abuse NOW!” as a day in Berkeley. We have a whole lot to celebrate and hope you can be there April 19th to celebrate with us!

Please share this invitation with your networks through social media, tweet it, post it and forward this post to your friends, co-workers and family.  Invite your friends on Facebook here:  End CSA EVENT

Stay tune for a list of speakers and more details.

Together we can end CSA!

Tracey Quezada –info@traceyquezadaproductions.com
Danielle Castro – Danielle.castro@ucsf.edu

Good: Grief. On Grief, Remembrances and Moving Forward.


On Grief, Remembrances and Moving Forward.

by Jaye Johnson

What’s grief but a felt sense of loss?

And what’s remembrance but a… re-membering? A sense of “Putting it all back together.”

When we lose or lose touch with people we know, know of, love and respect, the pain can seem so hard to bear. So unspeakable. But speak about it we must.

Unresolved feelings—including mournful ones—find ways and means of expression that surprise us in ways we can’t even comprehend. For health’s sake, for closure’s sake, breathing life into grief so that it can transform, resolve itself, bring about healing, is essential to your well-being.

As each day makes its way into our collective consciousness, I renew my thoughts.

I remind myself of the spiritual truth that nothing is ever lost or hidden in Divine Mind. Memories keep our loved ones alive—this Life is eternal. Paradoxically, these feelings of being separated from others remind us of how we are all interconnected.

Seeing each day, moment, holiday, ritual, shared or sacred time as symbolic, we honor and celebrate all that is lovable with in ourselves.

Each life is precious. Each life lost…still cherished.

You are precious. You are cherished. Your loving thoughts keep those you have lost alive. Precious. Cherished.




Healing Happens: Discover Helpful Resources & Links

Angela Shelton – Healing – Angela Shelton is a healing sherpa and a walking, rocking testament that joy and healing happens. I’ve never seen anyone handle even grief quite like her. Great rest stop on the long and winding road, great space for online dance breaks!

This Is A War – Grief – Helpful reminders and ideas to help you navigate through the grieving process at your own pace.

Grief and Creativity – Creativity is forever an act of faith. It can help to get you moving out of any transition process simply “in the doingness of creative things.” Check it out.

Losing Your Parents  – Deals with grief and loss in terms of losing your parents. Great support and heart-opening updates.



Marnie Goodfriend: Hero To Survivors Around The World‏‏

marnie waverly banner 2

Living each day as a sexual assault survivor can be an intense, healing journey and for some individuals it can lead to daily emotional struggles to overcome. The constant thoughts of feeling alone, shame, and guilt can often feel overwhelming to any person, however for a survivor, those feelings never seem to go away. Having survivor advocates like Marnie Goodfriend (who is currently on the RAINN Speakers Bureau and also known for being a Rape Consult on the TV show Private Practice) has helped survivors who are struggling to find their own voice by being a sexual assault survivor that found her voice and who has used it in a creative way. Goodfriend has become such an inspiration to many survivors around the world that her voice has traveled and has been heard in places as far as England.

“Marnie’s story has given me hope, shown me that I am not alone. That I am no longer a victim, but a survivor, Marnie’s voice has encouraged survivors that, even in their hardest times, there is hope.”Amy Graver

For sexual assault survivors like Amy Graver, feeling alone is a big part of her life, but having been inspired by Goodfriend and her story, Amy has now started to become a confident young women who is not afraid to share her own voice as well. Amy has finally learned that there is hope at the end of her tunnel and has Goodfriend to thank for that important step.

“If I could say anything to Marnie right now, it would be ‘Thank you for all you are doing through your art work and music, to empower survivors.’” – Amy Graver

Survivors all heal in different ways and one method is not better than another, whether it is through social media, artwork, or writing. Finding the right therapeutic way to portray your feelings as a survivor can certainly help the healing process, as it can also be a great tool to endure a safe and beneficial journey of healing. This is the reason why Goodfriend is not just a dedicated sexual assault advocate but also a ‘survivor hero’ as well because of all she has done to help survivors regain back hope into their lives. Goodfriend’s blog site ‘Repaving Waverly’ is what has given hope to those who are unable to speak and a reminder to those who can that they are not alone.

“Her photograph and artwork gives people hope and a voice.. If I could say anything to her I would say thank you for all the great work she is doing to help survivors get through their healing journey”Tara Laracuente

Goodfriend has blossomed through her own survivor story and has successfully expressed it through her photography as a method to personally help her own healing journey. Even advocates like Goodfriend have days where they are emotionally drained from triggered thoughts and need to use a hotline for advice. Having hotlines like RAINN is important as they are always there to help no matter who you are, even advocates like Goodfriend.

“I’ve always expressed myself through various art mediums and writing so it seemed natural to me. If you read “Sheila’s Photographs” on my blog site www.apartmentonefive.blogspot.com, I talk about images that were taken a few days before the rape becoming an integral part of me figuring out who I was now, reconciling what was lost, and finding strength in the fact that I had survived a violent crime.” – Marnie Goodfriend

Goodfriend‘s artwork is the result of how one sexual assault survivor used their creative talent to express their progress of healing in a way to help other survivors know that they are not alone. Goodfriend’s ability to use her artwork to help herself and others demonstrates that a survivor can show tremendous strength in a special way even after surviving a horrific ordeal. Goodfriend’s artwork has offered light at the end of the tunnel for all those survivors without a voice and to keep that light shining bright so that those lost in the darkness can find their way out as well.

“In college I focused on self-portraits so there was a strong connection between owning the version of me that I wanted people to see, or that I was exploring with women’s roles, abuse, and other unspoken tears at the heart that we cannot see in or on another person. The goal is for the viewer to walk inside that story and live it, if only for a moment.” – Marnie Goodfriend

No matter how long it has been or how long you have been healing, the memories of what happened will most likely never leave you. It doesn’t mean you can’t live life or be happy again, but it is what you do to move forward that will help you get back the smile you once had. Goodfriend’s underlying strength has not just given back a smile to those survivors in silence, but also to survivors who feel like they are struggling to fit in with society.

“Hearing Marnie Goodfriend’s story, her journey, showed me that it was ok to be ready to heal in my own time & that I didn’t have to go through it alone. She has helped others be able to reach out for support and use their own voices. I want to say thank you to Marnie Goodfriend because hearing her speak has made me realize that it is okay for me to speak up too.”Vicky Ann Smith

For sexual assault survivors, coming forward and sharing their voice takes a lot of courage to do, but thanks to the strength of survivor hero, Marnie Goodfriend and her survivor story being shared, she has given survivors like Amy Graver, Tara Laracuente, and Vicky Ann Smith the hope, courage, and strength to share their voice too. Marnie having helped these amazing strong women to overcome their fear of speaking up about being sexual assault survivors has allowed these women to now be heard and be a powerful voice for those who are not ready to come forward.

From all the survivors you have helped Marnie, we are truly grateful for you and will always be our Survivor Hero and Inspiration!


For those reading: If you have been sexually assaulted or/and raped and would like to talk to someone about it, then please ring RAINN on 800 656 HOPE or go on their 24/7 online hotline at anytime: https://ohl.rainn.org/online/

It is never too late to get help and you are never alone!


To View Marnie Goodfriend‘s Survivor Story: Repaving Waverly Blogsite

To View Repaving Waverly Page: Repaving Waverly Facebook Page


Written By Natasha Hagan email: natasha.hagan@hotmail.com

Edited By Shannon Marie