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We only have 12 days left to raise funds for “You and Me and the Fruit Trees.”

Millions of children are affected by this endemic and many adults struggle with the ongoing trauma of CSA. Child sexual abuse is a public health issue that impacts not only individuals, but whole communities and society at large. You can be an active part of the movement to end child sexual abuse by donating $15, $25, or $50 today. Click here to make your donation:

Your contribution will allow the film to be used as a training manual for state officials, organizations who work with youth, individuals, and communities. Through your support the film will also be shown in high schools, youth prisons, rehabilitation centers and community centers.

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Gratitude and love,

Tracey Quezada
Producer, Writer, Director

Prevent, Aware, Change

It doesn’t end with sensationalized stories of children being sexually abused in locker rooms and churches. Stories like these should push us to educate our children about inappropriate touching and grooming. Child sexual abuse is not just happening in locker rooms and churches but in many living rooms and bedrooms across the nation. Ninety three percent of abusers are people children know and trust. It may be uncomfortable to discuss sexual abuse with your child but they are counting on you to educate them. I was back home for the holidays and my nephew asked me a few questions about the film. He is well informed about the work my team and I are doing to end child sexual abuse. His mother openly discusses the film with him and educates him about inappropriate touching and the sexual abuse of children. My nephew just turned 8 and he asked me , “Tracey why aren’t adults helping, this is so horrible and adults are supposed to help kids, can’t anybody do anything to stop this?” I told him about the many people in the film who are in the movement to end child sexual abuse and it takes parents, aunties, community and teachers to prevent sexual abuse. He was simply shocked that CSA is so prevalent and people are not dropping everything they are doing right now to prevent, educate and end child sexual abuse. Children are resilient and are very capable of having an open discussion about sexual abuse.

There are simple things people can do to bring prevention and awareness in their homes and communities:

• Talk to your child about inappropriate touching and grooming.

• Push for education about CSA at your child’s school.

• Question when an adult wants to be with your child one on one. There should always be at least two adults and two children present.

• Look for signs in your child like insomnia or if you notice their grades falling behind at school. Any extreme change in their personality or mood.

I hope you will join our team in ending child sexual abuse. Please make your donation of $10 today to help us complete the film and bring it to high schools, youth centers, churches and millions of homes across the nation.  Click here to watch the work in progress and make your donation:

Tracey Quezada
Producer, Writer, Director

Film: Stories of healing and the movement to end child sexual abuse

Holidays are around the corner and buying presents for friends can be fun, but also nerve wracking. This holiday season our team is asking supporters to make a gift donation in the name of a family member or friend. Give the gift of awareness, prevention and healing surrounding child sexual abuse.
We are asking supporters to share our fundraising page with your network, friends, family, co-workers and educational institutions, etc. Simply send a donation in the name of a friend, family member or co-worker. We will send them a lovely card telling them about your gift. Click here to make a donation:

You can also help by sharing your stories, thoughts or advicesurrounding child sexual abuse on our Facebook page at: This page was created for the community to share, exchange ideas and offer advice. 

Community has the power to make a difference. What does that mean? That means creating dialogue in your community and asking your friends and family to help. Here are 3 ways you can help:

1. Spread the work by using social media, twitter and Facebook. Ideas for post or tweets:
• Learn how you can be part of the movement to end child sexual abuse. Donate today:
• 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 18:

• Child sexual abuse and systems of oppression have an interdependent relationship. What are we missing?
• What does it say about our families, communities, and society to have cases of CSA reach endemic numbers?:
• Removing the stigma and moving forward:

2. Donate to help complete the film. The information provided in the film should be readily available to the public. Each year 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused. Each year the current child welfare system fails these vulnerable children. Through each story shared and expert testimony, the film will provide a new model for effectively addressing CSA. We have also taken the model and incorporated it in our campaign strategy. You can help make this possible. Click here to make a donation:

3. Request a screening in your community.

Pictured below is Angel (featured in the film) with her dog, sitting on a memorial bench dedicated to her dear friend. Read more about the film shoot this past Saturday below.

Film Update:

This past Saturday we had the honor to film Angel Cassidy Borst. We followed her and Linda, her close friend to McLaren Park in San Francisco. Angel visited the bench in memory of her dear friend Norma Hotaling and co-founder of SAGE, Standing Against Global Exploitation. She is pictured above with her dog Rowan. The film shoot was more than we could hope for.

Two weeks ago we filmed Aqueila and her mother. This is a challenge, as often family members distance themselves or are in complete denial. Aqueila’s mom was candid about the cycle of sexual abuse in the family and what she wish she could have done to help Aqueila. It was an emotional, compelling film shoot to say the least. We could not have filmed Aqueila and her mother or Angel if it was not for individual donations. Thank you for your support.


Tracey Quezada
Producer, Director