CPT: Cognitive Processing Therapy

My friend Tracy (from Trees Have Feelings) sent this series to me last night This American Life – Ten Sessions.

It’s so great!

I love therapies that get right in there and heal that sh*t.

This American Life – Ten Sessions

Please share if you’ve tried this!


Ways of Renewal: A Guidebook for Women – Natural Methods of Clearing Sexual Trauma, Balancing the Emotions and Resurrecting the Spirit

Newly published book for survivors, written by a licensed acupuncturist approaches rape trauma from a fresh perspective – that of a treatable injury. Just as a broken arm will heal correctly if the bones are set and the arm is immobilized for a period, the trauma suffered by rape or sexual assault survivors also requires intervention, but of a different nature. This concise book leads the reader to a basic understanding of the ancient art of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, offering specific acupuncture point prescriptions to use specifically selected for sexual trauma, with detailed explanations. The book also describes other related healing modalities which are effective for treating this “invisible injury”.  

Life as a survivor, is a step beyond life as a victim, but life as a thriver is even more fulfilling.


The Subtle Energies of Healthy Sexuality vs. Sexual Abuse

An acupuncturist talks about the subtle energies of healthy sexuality vs the damage created by sexual abuse with the goal of creating mutually satisfying sexual exchange and for ending sexual abuse.

Brought to you by Project Acuhope