Reimagining the way we understand childhood sexual abuse

April 10th, 2012, people gathered to screen the work in progress and joined the discussion around child sexual abuse.  The panel included Aqueila Lewis, Tony Rodgers, Angel Cassidy and Mia Mingus of Generation Five.

A few attendees disclosed thier experience of child sexual abuse. One woman, at the end of the screening shared with me that was the first time she shared her story. That is the power of compelling storytelling, raising collective action about this endemic but also empowering others to begin to free themselves from the trauma they carry.

Another important issue we discussed is the accountability of the state, our government. Child sexual abuse is a public health issue,  it needs to be and must be on the agenda of our state, our government.

It takes many people on many different levels to make a difference in fighting sexual abuse. Some people wanting to help others may be interested in pursing social work programs online to extend your helping hands.

We have learned, many of us through horrific experience that the current criminal justice system is not capable of addressing and protecting children. Now, in the film we present you with a whole new model that effectively addresses CSA by identifying the root causes of child sexual abuse, providing the tools for communities and families to prevent and heal from child sexual abuse, and sharing the laws and polices that need to change in order to effectively address CSA.  As a society we have to reimagine the way we understand child sexual abuse and move beyond the shame and stigma and move towards a more broad inclusive approach that effectively addresses this endemic. Will you join me?

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Tracey Quezada

Stories of healing and the movement to end childhood sexual abuse

Film shoots continue, grants received and we welcome new team members this year!

This year kicked off with much opportunity, pushing the film forward. We received the Eva and Lucius Eastman fund grant. This will help us wrap up the film shoots and move on to post production.  We would like to welcome Tracy Johnson to our team, Tracy writes, produces and directs programs for The History Channel, A&E, Court TV, Food Network and many other networks. Welcome Tracy and we welcome, yet, another Tracey.  Tracey Amaya as our new intern, she will be assisting with transcribing and event planning. Can we say Team Tracey!

On February 17th we interviewed Howard Fradkin Ph.D., LICDC of Male Survivor, he has counseled over 1000 male survivors. Dr. Fradkin was also featured as an expert on Oprah’s historic two shows, featuring 200 male survivors gathered together to offer hope and inspiration for the millions of survivors around the world.  It was an honor to interview Dr. Fradkin. He discussed how to thrive after childhood sexual abuse, what bystanders can do to help break the stigma and shared his new book Breaking the Silence: Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive.

Finally, Tracey Quezada the producer will speak at UC Berkeley, Gender Equity Department April 10th at 6:00pm, we will screen the work in progress with a Q and A discussion.  We want to hear your questions and comments, please save the date!


Tracey Quezada
Producer, Writer, Director

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Millions of children are affected by this endemic and many adults struggle with the ongoing trauma of CSA. Child sexual abuse is a public health issue that impacts not only individuals, but whole communities and society at large. You can be an active part of the movement to end child sexual abuse by donating $15, $25, or $50 today. Click here to make your donation:

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Tracey Quezada
Producer, Writer, Director