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Free webinar: Opinions on child sexual abuse

Stop It Now is putting on a free webinar at the end of this month. Check out the details:

Have you ever wondered what Americans think about the highly-charged issue of child sexual abuse? Or how your views compare with those of other adults? Join us on June 29th to learn what surveyed adults think about child sexual abuse.

If you have, you’ll want to attend our A FREE, one-hour webcast on June 29, 1 pm EST. We will present key results from a survey of 5,000+ adults and preview our forthcoming report: What Do U.S. Adults Think about Child Sexual Abuse? Measures of Knowledge and Attitudes Among Six States.

This webcast is important for everyone who is concerned about keeping children safe from sexual abuse, including parents, professionals and policymakers. Register here.

Event details
A webcast about What U.S. Adults Think about Child Sexual Abuse – National survey results

When: Tuesday, June 29 2010 at 1:00 PM Eastern time

For more information, click here.