Poems to Your Inner Child

On Valentines day, I suggested on The Survivor Manual’s Twitter feed that people write love letters or poems to their inner child.

I was in a Poetry Therapy class all weekend and it was one of the most healing experiences I have had in a long time. As many of you already know, I am training to be a drama therapist and I’ll post more about that soon…
The Arts heal, people, it’s no big secret, they do !

I wanted to share the poem I wrote on Valentines day. Feel free to share yours in the comments below! I’d love to read them…

For the Child Who Could Not Speak

Keep me from


Keep me from
drinking, over and over again
from the sulfur river of tears

Keep me from swimming far from the shore
of my own source
my own desire
my own body

Keep me from picking up the stone
that gray hollow brick
that leads
but to the bottomness
of loneliness

Keep me from drowning in the pool of no-good,
That desolate concrete room,
Filled with boxes of broken toys:
Beheaded Barbie dolls,
Trucks without wheels,
Plastic soldier without a gun

Keep me from it all
Point the way to the boardwalk

Light a candle
for the part of me
the part
the part of me
that cannot ask for help

Light a candle
For the child
Whose hand was not held
Whose cheeks were not kissed
Light a candle for the child
Begging to be played with.

Light a candle for the child begging to be worthy
Of your nourishment,
Of your gaze,
Of the pure spring water of your love.

Eve Ensler: Embrace Your Inner Girl.

This is a must-see video. I love Eve Ensler and I love TED talks!