Pedal for Prevention’s Subterrenean Homesick Blues

We filmed a video about our trip here in Kansas City yesterday that we thought we’d share with you. It’s a take off of Bob Dylan’s old Subterrenearn Homesick Blues video with an altered narrative about how YOU can help us END child sexual abuse. Hope you enjoy it!

We’re on our way into Kansas today, 600 miles of flat windy corn and wheat fields. EVERY person we’ve talked to has said Kansas will be the toughest part of our trip… We’ll fight boredom, extreme distances without water and food stops and worst of all, brutal headwinds. Being in Kansas City, MO feels like we’re on the edge of the highboard looking down in the pool below, and we’re just about to take that leap into the deep end. We’ll get you our blog from Sedalia to KC up tonight, we were just so excited about our video we had to shift up the order!



Pedal for Prevention Rides From Nashville to St. Louis

The guys have made it over 1,000 miles to St. Louis, MO! Follow their journey at as Tyler, Landon and Mike try and raise $40,000 to END child sexual abuse. Also check out their Media Page and see the amazing work they’re doing as they cross America on bikes.


Introducing – Pedal for Prevention

– 3 Guys.
– 3 Bikes.
– 4,000 miles.
– 40,000 children safe from sexual abuse.

Three volunteers are riding from Charleston, SC to Los Angeles, CA to tell America child sexual abuse doesn’t have to happen. Tyler, Landon and Mike are trying to raise $40,000 to provide prevention scholarships for adults across the country to learn to Prevent, Recognize and React Responsibly to Sexual Abuse. There are over 40,000,000 survivors of child sexual abuse in the USA and it’s time to make a stand.

This video is from the first week of their ride. Visit and follow their adventure to end the epidemic!