You – Your Community – Your Job – Your Compensation

Here you are, gathered together in  a community and you have a job.  I know, just  what  you wanted, another job. Right?

With this series of articles I would like to explore the following:

*  You as the center of  your community

*  Your expansive reach with one on one interactions

* Your ultimate job, at a very high level

* Your tangible and intangible compensation

By virtue of you reading this article right now, you belong to a community of sorts;  a community of citizens of which you know and do not.  You are reading this along with others on a path of healing and leading joyful lives.  Now just imagine the sisters and brothers sharing this experience. Where might they live?  What wonderful things they have done so far in their lives.   You could cross their path and not even know it.  Would they see, in you,  a smile or a frown?

“YOU” are smack dab in the middle of your community.  Is that how you see your community?  You in the middle.  I know, it really puts the center of attention on “YOU”.  Perhaps you feel uncomfortable being in the middle because you don’t believe you are worthy of the attention.  Or you feel uncomfortable and exposed because you are not certain what you have to offer your community.  Now let’s ponder this a bit.  Who or what are you more inclined to place in the center of your community?  Your children. Your career. Your hobby. Your past. Your future unknown.  Your spotless home.  Your stuff.  Your habits.

You at the center of your community, aware of your strengths and willing to share them.

You as the center of your community is not egotistical.  View it as a person that is aware of their strengths, looking out into their communities seeking a way of being of service and is willing to confidently share.  You as center, is being aware of what your body signals.  You as center is keeping fueled, so you can do YOUR job.   Now let’s look at you outside of center.

You outside of center with your back to your community.

When we move outside of center and replace it with things, fears, and others we have our backs to community and lose touch with our strengths.  We run out of fuel and become exhausted.  We can not sustain our best selves.

OK, now is the time to take out the pencil and paper.  Start drawing your community circles.  Fill in the details.  Start with you as center.  Look out and identify the communities you have influence.  As you move outward, fill it in with communities you have the potential to have influence.  Finally, draw another set of community circles and fill the center with items that take you outside of your core.  This is a twist on a mind mapping exercise.  Use these instructions loosely and feel free to  expand on the concept.

Your circles will be the basis for upcoming articles where we will explore the impact you have on your communities, your ultimate job within those communities and how you are compensated.  As I say goodbye,  let’s conceive of the impact you can have, one person at a time.  Can’t you just see the joy multiplying?  Rabbits come to mind.

Our overlapping communities.

I came upon somebody thinking out loud within my cyberspace community recently, “I’ve noticed that people who are filled with joy are hiliarious, without even trying.”  This comment is evidence of  “you” centered people encountering other “you” centered people.  Fun. Fulfilled. Fabulous.

A Personal Discovery Through Dolls

Enchanted Makeovers Doll Project is the first of its kind. The goal of the project is to engage women in a process of personal discovery through dolls. The journey is designed to encourage dialog, share experiences and promote possibilities. The project promotes shared community responsibility.

*  Share your story

*  Rescue & nurture a homeless doll

*  Acknowledge the need to nurture your inner child

*  Applications accepted through October 10, 2010

*  Dolls, accompanied by their stories, displayed in gallery presentation

Click here to learn more about The Doll Project.

Manufacturing Joy with Repurposed Tools Part 3

The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round.

We’ve arrived at the final part of a three part series.  Part one, introduces you to the whole notion that you have tools that have accumulated during the course of your life that can be used to manufacture joy.   A new language challenged you to identify and eliminate Muda (waste).  Part two, was all about exploration and observation.  So that leaves us with part three. (photo to the left courtesy of

I touched on this a bit in part two, the never ending sequel. There is no escaping the CYCLE.  You have your unicycles,  bicycles, tricycles, and your motorcycle riding BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) members.  Everyone should be recycling.  We don’t want to be trashing our lovely earth.   The wheels on the cycle go round and round.

Kaizen is Japanese for improvement, pronounced kizon (long i, short o).  In manufacturing, kaizen  is the use of various tools and processes to create a CYCLE of continuous improvement.

In order to create an environment for continuous improvement, one must go to Gemba and observe.  Be one with one with the universe, Grasshopper. (sorry couldn’t help myself) As Sensei always reminds us, be aware of what you are saying in your head.  Your thoughts create action.  Life is your thoughts in action.  And those actions create emotions that drive more thoughts.  Can you act your way out of a bad thought.  I believe you can.  Having bad thoughts?  Make a funny face in the mirror.  Turn on some upbeat music.  Hug your dog.

You are a link in this cycle of continuous improvement, so your call to action is to link up with the tools and people of joy.  I mean that’s why we’re here right?  Invite others.  Share this site with them.  If you fall off the cycle, you can get back up again.  If your chain breaks, others can help you mend, and create a bridge in the meantmime.

Get linked in.