Mick Foley Gives Hope to Survivors Through his efforts with RAINN

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It’s not every day that you get the luxury of seeing a Pro-Wrestler fighting for victory in both the wrestling ring and advocating. To have the opportunity to see former WWE Champion Mick Foley (also known as ‘Mankind’) do this is phenomenal.

When it comes to standing up for what you believe in, Foley stands loud and proud as he raises awareness for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network) with his stand-up wrestling comedy shows. Although his shows are based on wrestling humor, he never lets a show go by without taking the time to address his audience about the importance of showing support for sexual assault survivors via RAINN’s outreach program. Foley’s flawless ability to mention the significance of RAINN’s efforts goes a long way in the public eye and proves to everyone, especially those who follow his work how genuine and caring of a person he truly is. This is what makes Mick Foley, the WWE Champion Pro-Wrestler, a true advocate in society to all ‘mankind’!

“I watched Foley as a wrestler on TV in the 90’s. I pictured him as a tough guy and very mean. What is he like in real life? A gentle giant who cares about people. He had such a joyful presence in the room. He truly cares about the people he helps while volunteering for RAINN’s online hotline.” – Michelle Dupray

When he is not wrestling or spending time with his family, Foley goes above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in today’s society by using his celebrity influence to do so. Not only does he use his celebrity title to impress the public eye with his big heart and caring nature, but Foley also impacts the lives of the public by showing how he can make a difference and inspire others to do the same.

Mick Foley‘s work as a celebrity RAINN advocate has been extremely important to the movement as he is a man, and he shows that men want to end the cycle of violence against women as well. He is a positive role model of a man who is sensitive to survivors and who is committed to making a change.” – Suzanne Morse

Foley’s phenomenal efforts to help RAINN raise national and international awareness is the perfect example of how one celebrity can use their popularity to help their fans get involved with supporting such great causes. Foley stands in a special group of celebrities that truly knows what it takes to be a true advocate and be a great role model in today’s society.

“Rape, sexual assault and child sex abuse are taboo topics in our society. We want to shove these topics under the rug instead of talking about them. Very few celebrities advocate for charities, like RAINN, that advocate for sexual assault victims. As a volunteer for RAINN‘s sexual assault online hotline, Foley is truly courageous in helping survivors come forward and heal from a terrible trauma.” – Amanda Wingle

Foley’s 2010 [#10forRAINN] Twitter campaign to help raise money for sexual assault survivors turned out to be a personal victory for Foley due to the amazing outreach that happened because of it. Not only did Foley’s campaign get clearly noticed from his fans, but thanks to 699 people who responded with their generosity, RAINN received $120,491.89 to go towards helping survivors via their online hotline. Because of this and the online buzz he created through the [#10ForRAINN] Twitter campaign, Foley is now being recognized in today’s society as being a successful advocate for humanity.

“That makes me feel EXTREMELY good knowing that he puts in time out of his busy schedule to always speak on this cause, raise money and even answer the phones when he can. He has a true understanding of what it is to still remain true to your character, to not let the celebrity take over. Simply put..Mick is Mick and that’s what makes him SO special.” – Monique Dupree

“I feel empowered, inspired and humbled by Mick Foley‘s commitment to RAINN and raising over $120,000 for his #10ForRAINN campaign he did in 2010.” – Suzanne Liy

Foley’s determination has made a tremendous impact on society and has demonstrated that advocacy is a major part of his life. Foley’s efforts as a RAINN Online Hotline volunteer has certainly captured the hearts of survivors on an international level. Being a RAINN volunteer has given hope to many survivors who are in need of professional help and to have Foley for support is incredible. Not only has he inspired survivors to come forward and get help through his campaigns, he has also used his own voice as a RAINN volunteer to guide sexual assault survivors through their healing journey.

“That makes me feel really good that someone cares that much about speaking out for those that maybe can’t. As a male, it is nice to know there are people out there that truly care.” – Mark Stephen Craig

If it were not for Foley’s efforts, there probably would not be as many survivors coming forward via RAINN’s online hotline as there have been. It is because of his efforts that sexual assault survivors on an international level have been able to get their voice back. Not only has he been winning victories in the wrestling ring against strong opponents, but also now he can be recognized for winning back the voices of those survivors who lost theirs. This is exactly what makes Mick Foley, the Pro-Wrestler and WWE Champion a true advocate in today’s society and a voice to all ‘Mankind’.

Mick is an integral part of RAINN’s mission to help survivors get the help they need and deserve,” said Scott Berkowitz, president and founder of RAINN. “I am constantly amazed by his generosity, both in time and financial support. Thanks to his compassion and dedication, more survivors are able to take that first step toward recovery through RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotlines.”


If you have been sexually assaulted or/and raped and would like to talk to someone about it, then please ring RAINN on 800 656 HOPE or go on their 24/7 online hotline at anytime: https://ohl.rainn.org/online/


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Written by Natasha Hagan

Edited by Shannon Marie


  1. I am proud to hear Mick is supporting survivors across the globe. His dedication to our cause over many years is astounding and admired. I am thrilled to have learned how his work has contributed to RAINNs successes.
    Thank you, Mick! I feel like I know Mick the person, not just Mick the wrestler. Great read, Natasha!

  2. Great Job Tash… This article is excellent and really shares about how Mick Foley has helped others!!

  3. Great article Tash! I remembered seeing Mick in a photo with my hero Tori Amos and that’s when I learned more about him and how he was involved with RAINN. I think it’s an amazing job he’s doing! Hats of to you Mick!

    And especially with him being a man (and a wrestler no less ;)), I think that will probably make it a little easier for male survivors to come forward and at the same time also show us women that there ARE still GOOD men left in this world too 🙂 SO THANKS!

  4. Great article Natasha and thank you Mr Foley for all you do to support and bring awareness to this important cause!

  5. Not being a wrestling fan i had never heard of Mick Foley until he appeared on SModcast networks ‘plus one per diem’ That day changed my life, i learnt about RAINN and the great work being done by you all. I now pass on information about RAINN as much as i can.

  6. Thank you for an excellently written article about this man, with a gentle, empathetic heart and soul.
    With that being said, this quote immediately came to mind:
    There is a light in this world,
    a healing spirit
    more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.
    We sometime lose sight of this force
    when there is suffering, and too much pain.
    Then suddenly,
    the spirit will emerge
    through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call
    and answer in extraordinary ways.
    Mother Teresa

    The ‘spirit’ (s) has/have emerged. Thank you RAINN, Natasha and Mr. Foley. Peace…

  7. Great article Natasha. Mick, thanks for your support. People like us really appreciate people like you bringing awareness out into the open.

  8. Laura Godown(Mortensen) says:

    Thank you Mick for all you do to raise awareness and help those affected.
    We need to keep spreading the word. I work in the entertainment business now and meet many people who have been affected from rape or various types of abuse.I have shared what I can and will always help to direct them to great resources like Rainn, so they can report and heal. Healing and moving on is so important. Thank you again for all you do to support us!

  9. I used to watch wrestling in the 90’s, don’t remember individual people now but I know from then to now he is a role model & inspiration to all. Thank you Mick, RAINN & Natasha, a great article.

  10. Mark Craig says:

    What a wonderful article ! Great job Natasha. Mick is one heck of a guy for using his voice, taking something negative and turning it into a positive.

  11. Thanks, Natasha, for writing this article. It is only though your talking about Mick Foley that I have come to know him as a very valuable advocate for RAINN. We need more people like Mick to further our cause of helping survivors to heal. Thank you Mick Foley and Natasha Hagan for all that you do.

  12. Gwen Wallace says:

    Mike Foley being involved here, gives me hope that we need! Both from woman survivors and men such as Mike Foley! Someone that is world recognized and can stand on their own to fight or with all of us survivors wherever he needs us! When Mike Foley, talks the world listens! Thank you for taking time from your own life, to help such an important group here.

  13. Antoinette says:

    Great article Natasha! And thank you Mr. Foley for everything you do for survivors and RAINN!!

  14. Zeda F Ruhl says:

    Thank you Mick and Natasha for ALL you are doing to support RAINN. It means so much to so many! May God Bless you Both!

  15. Andrew Morrison says:

    Great article Natasha. And it shows what a great guy Mick Foley is

  16. michelle ludwig says:

    Well written and so proud Mick supporting RAIIN..Kudos Natasha and Mick!!

  17. Diana Powell says:

    Natasha it is very inspiring that you are making the efforts of others known and reaching out to so many more people. I want to thank you and Mick Foley for all your efforts, it is nice knowing that there are people who really do care for others and what they have been through..


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